Cricket Bats

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Kookaburra Beast 9.1 Bat
£35.99 £39.99

Kashmir Willow. Non-Oil ‘Pro Shield’ Face with Painted Back 

GM Noir DXM 404 Cricket Bat
£110.00 £129.99

Huge stealth-like power is an understatement. The Noir 404 is the perfect bat for those looking to stand out from the crowd, epitomising class and style with its striking colour scheme and sleek design.

SG Cobra Xtreme Bat
£149.99 £170.99
  • Finest English Willow hard pressed & traditionally shaped for superb stroke
GM Prima 606 Cricket Bat
£148.99 £172.00

Featuring the lowest swell position in the GM range, the Prima is designed to maximise value for shots off the front foot. The low swell position and meaty toe are balanced with a shortened blade length and concavity through the back of the profile to ensure an excellent pick-up is maintained despite the powerful profile. Accentuated with a distinct bow and substantial edges along the length of the bat, this powerful profile packs a punch.

93 Item(s)