Sunwise Waterloo Sunglasses

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  • Sunwise Waterloo Sunglasses
  • Sunwise Waterloo Sunglasses
Sunwise Waterloo Sunglasses

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Sunwise Waterloo Sunglasses

The Sunwise Waterloo Chrome offers highly efficient polarised photochromic impact protective lenses with vivid colour contrast. The wearer will benefit from optimum visual protection and clear vision.

The light transmittance changes progressively when responding to the strength of sunlight (UV) enhancing visual performance in varying light-changing conditions. Wider lens coverage provides further protection for your eyes against sunlight, wind, sand and flying objects.

Great for all weather and environments with multi- reflected sunlight from surfaces such as snow, water and concrete.

Recommended: Wash your favourite Sunwise in cold water and clean them after each use.

Sunwise® Waterloo Chromafusion® features:

  • Chromafusion® superior optical performance with natural colour contrast for a clear world.
  • The polarised photochromic lenses progressively respond to sunlight offering superb visual comfort.
  • The Chromafusion® lenses are impact resistant and tolerant to extremes of temperature.
  • The unique polarised polycarbonate lens system makes them robust and durable.
  • The polarisation filters any surface reflections of light.
  • Bulldog™ Anti-Scratch hard coating.
  • Colour stability over long periods of wearing.
  • 100% protection against harmful ultraviolet rays.
  • Interchangeable options.
  • The polycarbonate frames are lightweight, robust, durable and flexible.
  • Wrap-around lenses give greater protection.
  • Rubber nose pads and sleeves for maximum comfort and a secure fit.
  • Flat arms profile – perfect for wearing under a cap or helmet.
  • Made in Great Britain.


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