Salix Pod Select Cricket Bat

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  • Salix Pod Select Cricket Bat

Salix Pod Select Cricket Bat

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HAND SELECTED BY OURSELVES AT SALIX! Made from the great quality Grade 2 English Willow. The archetypal handmade English bat with an indulgently large profile, pitch perfect balance and stunning performance. The work of Salix artisan hand making and individual treatment at every stage from cleft to bat. Flatter faced yet still bowed with a long, deep, mid driving area and impossibly thick edges, the Pod is concave sanded through the back of the blade just enough to reduce weight whilst keeping the essential depth and mass of wood through the bat�s core. The result is the greatest and most rewarding playing surface, with lightest pick up and superb manoeuvrability. Every angle is precisely shaped and smoothed through our unique sanding so the bat undulates in form - more sculpture than carpentry. The Pod is performance in its highest state. FEATURES - Semi-flat (modern) face profile. Substantial edges. Deep, long bow. Mid driving area. Semi-concave sanding through back. Rounder oval handle. For skilled batsmen front & back foot. Uniquely etched, textured, patterned and embossed chrome/black/white/blue labels. Highest level of English artisan batmaking: individually handmade by Salix. CNC free: individual in-house pressing and processing from cleft to bat. Bat Vax toe dipped: especially developed natural, plant based sealer to help prevent water ingress, sealing end grain to protect against cracks. Trademark Salix angled toe and blended edges to minimise tapping and running in damage, in conjunction with the player�s care and maintenance regime. Comes Workshop Prepared - The preparation by Salix which takes the bat to the point of knocking in by the owner. Linseed waxed during finishing then Bat Vaxed at the toe before application of strong UK made anti-scuff. This gives the bat a sound foundation for the first season with oiling required before the second season�s usage.


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