Paceman Orignal Bowling Machine

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  • Paceman Orignal Bowling Machine
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Paceman Orignal Bowling Machine

The Paceman Original Bowling Machine offers quality, accurate, reliable bowling simulation for the backyard cricketer and beyond Variable bowling speeds up 90kph Fully adjustable for full pitch and short pitch deliveries Includes automatic 12 ball feeder Easy to assemble, put away and store Able to produce inswing and outswing deliveries To be used only with Paceman light, Limited Edition or Junior balls for safety and performance. The bowling machine comes with 1 Paceman light ball but we recommend purchasing a pack of twelve balls so you can take advantage of the automatic ball feeder. For a better experience, why not buy a selection of Light, Limited Edition and Junior Balls? They are all the same size but each have different characteristics. The Junior Balls come out of the machine about 20% slower than the Light Balls and the Limited Edition Balls are about 3% faster than the Light Balls. They also all bounce slightly differently giving the variation you would expect in a proper cricket match. Runs on mains electricity. There is no battery option for the Paceman machines so if you don't have a power source you will need to buy either a small generator or an inverter which runs off a 12V car battery. Click Here for an example of an inverter which may be suitable, but we are not responsible for any additional components and advise you to research what would be best for your own needs.


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