Masuri Vision Series Elite - Titanium Grill

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  • Masuri Vision Series Elite - Titanium Grill
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Masuri Vision Series Elite - Titanium Grill

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This Helmet is fitted with a Titanium Visor. Vision Series Elite is one of the helmets in the latest range from Masuri for the highest performance level of cricket. The Vision Series Elite offers enhanced head protection and comfort, thanks to a strong, lightweight design. Featuring Masuris revolutionary Eye-Line Grille, strategically-placed air flow vents and a new reinforced rim (HRS), the Vision Series Elite provides superior vision, cooling and protection. Features include : Eye-line Grille - The Eye-line Grille is an additional top bar, placed on the eye line, presents a greater surface area to the ball on impact. The rear bar forces the ball upwards towards the solid part of the peak and deflects it away from the players face. Halo Reinforcement System - Masuris Halo Reinforcement System (HRS) is an extra strength helmet rim featured on every model in the Vision Series. Made from the latest reinforced plastics, HRS ensures our cricket helmets have the brawn to protect the wearer from a ball delivered at 90 MPH. Airflow - The innovative 3-layer protection system incorporates strategically placed vents in the inner and outer shells and air channels throughout the cavity, allowing air to circulate freely at all times, keeping the wearer cool.

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