Aero Tour Stand Up Wheelie Bag

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  • Aero Tour Stand Up Wheelie Bag
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Aero Tour Stand Up Wheelie Bag
SIZE : 100cm x 40cm x 40cm A hugely popular big bag! The aero STAND UP bag is the most amazing cricketers travel bag ever made. Every cricketer we know has been complaining about their travel luggage: You cant find the piece of kit you need quickly. The big bags take up too much space in small changing and hotel rooms. Your big wheelie bags can get damaged when you travel. Gear can get damaged when you travel. Ergonomically your bag is hard to carry. And even worse your gear is not secure and sometimes things start to go missing! The STAND UP bag deals with all these issues and is quite simply unique because it does it all standing up! Beautifully balanced with an extendable handle (that doubles as a towel rack!) and built from the toughest materials: its super durable! Designed to take these hassles out of the travel side of cricket, the STAND UP bag goes easily anywhere by car, plane, bus or train. The STAND UP bag has 50% of a normal bags footprint so you get more space in changing & hotelrooms. The STAND UP bag is not one but three bags delivering versatility from your cricket luggage. The STAND UP includes a toilet/medical bag AND a carry home bag. The padded 3 bat pockets and the large internal cavity can be locked away with a combination lock that comes with the STAND UP bag. There is a space for every piece of your equipment. So if you have only 10 minutes to get ready, you can grab your gear quickly from its designated place. For frequent flyers, fully loaded with lightweight aero gear the STAND UP bag weighs right up to the limit.

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